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“Unique ability to crystalize messages and bring them to life”
Yuval Shelfer
CEO, Co-Founder at stealh mode
"Exceptional at digging deep and really understanding how to best present the value prop in a unique, slick, appealing, and fun way".
Noam Szpiro
Co-founder, Monocle
"Amazing creativity. tailor-made to our unique needs"
Tamar Shafrir
Head of Startup Development and Marketing, KSM
"Committed to our project's success like no other, and quickly grasped the domain, executing flawlessly".
Amos Bar Joseph
Co-Founder, Wherever
“Unique ability to crystalize messages and bring them to life”
Yuval Shelfer
Partner, Auto3p
"Top-quality work that exceeds our expectations."
Jonathan Kaftan
VP Marketing, ARMO
"A rare style and laser-focus on the target goal are only a few of their best assets."
Kariel Sandler
Co-founder & CEO, Supertenant
"Our website is one of the things we are most proud of!"
Tal Zackon
CEO & Co-founder, Tres
"Quick understanding and design execution that aligns with the vision."
Benny Lakunishok
Co-founder & CEO, Zero Networks